Friday, December 16, 2011

Vindictus December update!

"Long-expected" update (Christmas, December update) is going live soon. It will bring more action to the game with battle for defending the goodies, slightly improved interface, boost potions, divine blessing stones as reward from battles, costumes, new game pad option and more!  In order to check those please visit Vindictus Official Website - December update.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cabal Online Christmas Items now available!

From today, Cabal players will be able to buy various number of Xmas items - number of different santa costumes, winter costumes, festive hats, weapons skins and more! In order to check the prices and actual looks of items, please visit Cabal Online Official Website - Christmas Items!

EverQuest II A Goddess Risen event!

New event called "A Goddess Risen" is going live today. It's about Erollisi Marr, the goddess of the Love and Hunt and Aaronolis and Annalisa, siblings who devoted their life to the Erollisi. Death of the goddess really was hard for both of them, especially Annalisa; she was heartbroken, unable to come to grips with her grief. Aaronolis grown more concerned for his sister, and, he's seeking for adventurers to help him console his sister. To find out more how to start this unique journey and more, please visit EverQuest II Official Website - A Goddess Risen event.

Guild Wars Wintersday 2011 is coming!

One of the many events related to the Guild Wars is starting soon. Wintersday, 6th year in a row, will start today and will "run" until 12th January. Grand finale will occur on 1st & 2nd January. This year, as every, you will be able to experience bunch of "New Year's" quests, events, missions and games, which will reward you with different types of candies, tonics and more. Also, there are two NEW things that are added - brand new costumes of Lyssa and Kormir, gods. To find out more about Wintersday, please check Guild Wars official website - Wintersday 2011!